Thursday, November 12, 2009

Things I Love About San Francisco

Right now I'm in the City of Angels, about to fly back to Beantown, but last weekend in San Francisco--the first time back in 46 years--I encountered angels everywhere--in the architecture, outside the Asian Arts Center, even chalked onto the street.

(Please click on the photos to make them bigger)

Cable cars, too, make San Francisco unique, and climbing the hills makes me realize I'm not as young and fit as I was when attending Berkeley across the Bay. The gears are still turning in the Cable Car Museum and a pet store nearby has a wall mural of an animal-filled cable car.

Chinatown, too, is an eternal delight--full of exotic foods and gifts and toys. In Chinatown, in addition to angels in the architecture, there are dragons everywhere, including on the streetlamps. And red lanterns for luck.

Hope to come back to San Francisco before another 46 years pass!


lactmama said...

Am just catching up on your turkeys and ghosts. I too was in San Francisco this past may - first time in decades. I loved it. Good deals on hotels, fun people, lots to see, etc.

Happy holidays, take fotos for the fans. Evi

Jim Becket said...

Hi Joan,
I've been trying to reply to your great Christmas newsletter and for some reason the aol address for Nick doesn't want to cooperate???
Jim becket