Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hydra's Greek Cats Become LOL Cats

We'v just spent three days on Hydra (had to leave early due to a threatened Ferryboat strike on Weds.) Today it's Thursday and we're off to England for a bit.

On Hydra I took about a thousand photos of Hydra's cats and on the CATamaran back to Pireaus I turned six of those photos into Lols for the ICanHazCheeseburger site. And I'm printing them above.

For those of you who don't like cats or don't know about Lol Cats (who have their own language and spelling rules) I apologize. I'll be back to writing more seriously about art, travel, etc. soon.

For those of you who do like cats, check out my first cat book--The Secret Life of Greek Cats --by clicking on the cover --at upper right--or going to my site at

After interviewing the new generation of cats on Hydra, there may be a sequel one of these days.

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