Friday, May 11, 2012

Cheers: Favorite Photos Friday

I'm just back from a delightful stay with daughters Eleni and Marina and granddaughter Amalia in San Francisco (bookended with stays in Manhattan where I am now.)  Eleni was in San Francisco to present her new novel "Other Waters" at Book Passages in the Ferry Building.

Between hiking in the Redwood forests, visiting three vineyards in wine country and eating my way through San Francisco, I hardly had time to open my computer much less post on this blog, but I stored up lots of good things to post about soon.

For today's Favorite Photos Friday, I'm sharing two vintage photos under the title "Cheers", because they both seem to be the kind of drinking establishment where everybody knows your name.

The gang at William Duff's Friendship Inn seems to include two employees (owners?) three regular  customers and a cop.  I'm betting that most of these gentlemen are Irish, although I don't even know what town this is in.  If anyone can tell me for sure where this photo was taken, I'll buy them a bottle of Irish whiskey.

Surprisingly, the gang at the J.A. Davis eating saloon includes six women and only three men and one of the women appears to be dressed in widow's weeds.  Maybe she's the widow of J A. Davis?  I wonder if this  establishment has separate entrances for women and men.  I doubt it.  They all seem to be on cordial terms.

It sort of makes you nostalgic for the olden days when an establishment's regulars would call in a photographer to record their friendship and loyalty to the local pub.

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Joanna DeVoe said...

I can't explain it, but- every time I hear the Cheers theme song- it gets me all teary-eyed! I didn't even watch the show in it's entirety more than a handful of times... LOL.

LOVE these old pics.