Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Amalia Picks the Perfect Pumpkin

Although she insists on calling them "apples", granddaughter Amalía quickly caught on to the purpose of the trip to Houlden Farms in North Grafton, MA-- our annual October outing to pick up various colors and shapes of squashes and pumpkins for Halloween decor.  And  maybe some of their special homemade granolas and fruits and decorative kale.

Now that she's nearly 14 months old, Amalia took it very seriously when Tia Marina and Mommy told her to pick out the perfect pumpkin for herself.

But there's so many to choose from!

So many shapes and sizes and colors...

This one's bigger than I am...

I can't even lift it!

Now here's one about the right size for me.

But this one's an interesting color....

Oh no! There's more of them in there!

At last!  Out of the whole  pumpkin patch-- I've found the perfect "apple" for me.  
Now who's going to carve  it?

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