Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Amalia Does Christmas 2012

Would you please tell him that I've been a perfect angel all year?

So then they said, "Let's go play in the snow with your new sled!"

I talked them out of that pretty fast.

Did you put out the milk and cookies?

I think I hear something on the roof!

Did you miss the part about "some assembly required"?

Never mind.  I'll go play with the box.

 So you put it together.  But how fast does it go from zero to sixty?

 I think we're going to need a two-car garage.

 Would you like to hear our specials for the day?

One egg, over easy, STAT.

 No Elmo, I would NOT like to have fun with numbers. 

If I have to dress like a grown-up, I should get a grown-up drink!

Big Bird says it was a very good year.

Wow, what was IN that drink?

Can't believe this guy still doesn't know who says "Moo"!

Best Christmas yet!  I made out like a bandit!


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