Monday, March 4, 2013

Amalia's Playa Iguana Adventure--Nicaragua Part 2

Setting out to drive to the seashore from Granada, Amalia made sure to bring along her stuffed owl, named Kookoovaya.  Owls are one of Amalia's favorite things.

When they got to Playa Iguana on the Pacific, the surfers were already there.  The waves bring surfers from around the world.

Don't forget the sun screen!

Papi didn't forget.

Papou took Amalia in the pool, while Mommy and Papi went to the ocean.

Later Yiayia showed Amalia funny videos of things she did when she was smaller.

Amalia's counting the seashells they found on the beach.

Papi brought her a teeny crab and they put it in a pail shaped like a tortuga.

Everybody's beach towel had a different design.  Amalia chose the crab.

Crabs are another one of Amalia's favorite things.

Then Amalia took a nap in a green hammock.

Mommy took a nap too.

Later Papou whispered a story in Amalia's ear.

Sometimes his stories are shocking.

A walk on the beach as the sun began to set.

Then hummus and pita and wine by the pool.  Hummus is definitely one of Amalia's favorite things!


The next day Amalia did a lot of work.  She arranged the chairs around the table.

She collected the beach towels...

And dragged them off to the washing machine.

Then took a nap after all that work.

Lunch was a big paella with lobster tails.

Then it was time to drive back to Granada, so Amalia could sleep in her own bed, with an owl and a hedgehog and a squirrel on the wall overhead.

And an owl pillow and a tortuga pillow for company.   Tortugas are another one of Amalia's favorite things.

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