Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Scenes from a Greek Wedding.

We came to Greece for the wedding of our niece (more like daughter) Efrosini Eleftheria Nikolaides (Efro for short) to Sy Anthony Suire, who is more Cajun than Greek, although he learned the Greek dances overnight.  The service, on June 30, overlooked the ocean at the tiny church of Agios Aimilianos and then the reception was at the Hinitsa Bay Hotel in Porto Heli.

It was a fairy tale wedding--think "Mama Mia" only better (and not quite so many steps to get up to the church.)  Here are some scenes from a very Greek wedding.
   At the Hinitsa Bay they started setting up the tables in the afternoon.

Guests walk up to the church.

There were 35 decorated steps to the church.
Here comes the bride.

The priest leads the bride and groom to the altar...

...which was outside because the church is so small.

The service begins.

Everyone's smiling, including the mother of the bride, Eleni Nikolaides, (in royal blue.)

When the sponsor has put on their crowns and the priest leads the couple around the altar in the Dance of Isaiah, everyone throws rice, because then they're really married.

Beauties posing after the ceremony.

while two guys wait outside the church.

Back at the hotel the buffet awaited, complete with ice sculptures.

The tables were decorated in blue and white, with starfishes, beads and flowers.

The newlyweds admire the cake.

Their first dance set off fireworks.

The bride leads the Greek line dance.

The groom shows off his new Greek dance steps.

Even the littlest guests danced.

And a very good time was had by all!

Congratulations, Fro and Sy!

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Marryme in Grecce - Weddings in Greece said...

The destination wedding was organized by The wedding planner was Olympia. Efro and Sy were a wonderful couple and I want to thank them for trusting the big day in my hands