Sunday, January 19, 2014

The 10 Most Stressful and 10 Least Stressful Jobs in 2014

In today's (Jan. 19) Worcester Telegram and Gazette, in a column called  "Careers Now" by Joyce Lain Kennedy, I read the lists of the ten most stressful and the ten least stressful jobs--as compiled by Tony Lee, publisher of

I was surprised to find that near the top of the "Least Stressful" list--the most non-threatening, most pleasant careers in the country-- is "hair stylist".   What if the client hates what you did to her hair?  Number one for the most non-stressful careers is "audiologist"--the person who tests hearing and communication skills in everyone from babies to adults.  Come to think of it, most of the least stressful jobs involve helping people or making them feel better.  (But the drill press operator might end up needing the audiologist if he operates a noisy drill.)

The "Most Stressful" list is not surprising--starting with the military, firefighters and airline pilots.  Most of these jobs--if you mess up--could cost people's lives (or their reputations), including your own.

If you want to know the median salary in each of these jobs categories, click here.

Least Stressful Jobs

1. Audiologist
2. Hair stylist
3. Jeweler
4. Tenured university professor
5. Seamstress/tailor
6. Dietician
7. Medical records technician
8. Librarian
9. Multimedia artist
10. Drill press operator

Most Stressful Jobs

1. Enlisted military
2. Military general
3. Firefighter
4. Airline Pilot
5. Event coordinator
6. Public Relations executive
7. Senior corporate executive
8. Newspaper reporter
9. Police officer
10. Taxi driver

Where does your job rank?

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CJ Kennedy said...

Calligrapher goes in the stressful category. Especially when the Bride (bless her) only orders the same number of envelopes as invites she's sending. No margin of error. Or when people bring an antique Bible and ask to have the name and date of the new baby added. Yup, very stressful!