Wednesday, August 24, 2016

After My Nails Fell Off...

You may have read my blog post in late July called "Rocky Start to a Greek Vacation"in which I describe getting a really bad case of Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease (also called Coxsackie Virus) from my grandkids as we flew to Greece for our family vacation.  It hits children, usually under five, and goes away quickly, but in adults it's worse.  The Greek dermatologist that I saw warned me "In a week your nails will start to fall off."  (My American dermatologist, when I got back, thinks that I had another virus already in my system by the time I was exposed to HFM Disease-- Certainly my immune system was compromised by all the bustle getting ready for the trip and the worst-ever 9-hour flight during which neither kid slept.)

I discovered that there are so many things you can't do when you have no nails--button your blouse, put on jewelry, pick up things like coins, even turn the pages in a book. But stick around--this is a story with a happy ending.

Starting last weekend we have a whole lot of parties coming up--back-to-school party, baptisms, birthday parties around the pool.  I couldn't face last weekend's "welcome to college for incoming students from Greece" party when my hands looked like something from "The Mummy Returns."

So I went to my friend and manicurist Mary Ryan from "Nails At Panache" who put on a set of false nail tips (but with no acrylic.)  This is what she says she does for girls going to the prom who don't want permanent nails.  Naturally it was difficult gluing them (with resin) to the bumpy surfaces of my nail-less hands. They don't stay on long, but would last through the party, and now, when they fall off, I just super-glue them back in place.  (Yes, Eleni, and I'm taking Biotin every day.)

It made such a difference --to me, if not to onlookers--and everyone had a good time last Sunday.

Mary is a good friend who--through the years--has given me her famous Pumpkin Roll recipe, taught me how to use my smartphone, attended our baby showers, and given me the confidence to attend my own party.

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Melodie Bryant said...

And you looked so good in those polka dots!!

Glad the story has a happy ending. I never went through anything like this but something different, where I ended up with little or no nails and I know just what you mean. So weird the things you can't do, right?

Glad you made it through festivities and wishing your and your nails a speedy recovery!