Thursday, February 2, 2012

Suri Cruise has a Fashion Challenger

Did you know that Suri, the pre-school daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, has a fashion blog that reports on what she's wearing every day?  Suri is famous for her pint-sized designer dresses and the fact that she often wears mini-high heels, even to the playground, causing moms of other pre-schoolers to gnash their teeth.

But Suri had better watch out, because there's another little girl who is threatening to take over as fashion guru and predictor of new style trends. And while Suri is five years old, my granddaughter Amalía is only five months old.  Yet she's  making daring and eclectic fashion choices.

It's all about accessories, and Amalía knows that God is in the details.  Here she  uses her lavender Bumbo chair as a striking contrast to her gray knitted dress.

But when she's in a spring-like mood, she plays off a flowery garden party number against the lavender Bumbo.

Sometimes she wears designer labels like Calvin Klein for public appearances.

But at heart, she's true to her school. (Her mommy's school--Bancroft.)

A daily decision is whether to wear stripes

or dots

or stripes on stripes

or stripes with lavender butterfly sandals

or to solve the dilemma by combining the stripes with giant polka dots.

The unusual fashion choice is what sets a fashion guru apart.  Like a frog hat.

Or better still, rocking Papi's beret.

When it gets chilly in Miami Beach you should really bundle up.

Amalía's life has become complicated with the introduction of real food (in addition to breast milk.)

So many decisions like:  What to eat?

And when you're teething, anything handy looks like something to chew on.

And after a whole day of making cutting-edge fashion decisions, sometimes you just give up and fall asleep in your high chair.

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Maureen Irish said...

Suri has met her match.It happens to all divas, someone younger comes along and they are old news