Friday, August 10, 2012

Amalia's Greek Odyssey Days 2 & 3- Nauplion

Staying in Nauplion--first capital of modern Greece--at the Hotel Marianna in a Turkish-style house under the crusader castle --the Dreaded Palamidi, as we always call it, perhaps because you have to climb 999 steps in the rock to get there (or drive up the back way.)

Napping and ignoring the view of Nauplion below.

Amalia had her own crib but as always prefers Mommy's bed.

First Greek beach--Karathonas outside Nauplion.

Hate the hat.  Won't wear it.

In the water with Yiayia Joanie.

Breakfast with Papou.

On the limani (harbor) in Nauplion with the lighted Bourtzi former prison in the background.

With Yiayia at dinner at Kypos on the harbor.  And then to bed in our room beneath the dreaded Palamidi.

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