Monday, August 20, 2012

Caves and Kittens--Amalia's Grecian Odyssey Part 5

Amalia was asleep while her entourage was driving on the road between the Kyrimai Hotel and the city of Kardamili, both in the Mani.  She awoke, very surprised to find herself  in an underground cave (the Diros Caves--largest in Greece) with Mommy and Yiayia wearing life vests and about to get into a small crowded boat to tour the 3.5 kilometers of the caves, filled with scenic stalactites and stalagmites.  Amalia was very confused.  She didn't know that her Mommy cannot pass a cave without exploring it.

Somehow there were no life vests for babies and the boat tilted drastically every time the two large gentlemen in front of them moved.  The boat's captain somewhat resembled the three-headed dog Cerberus who guards the entrance to Hades (but he had only one head).  He moved the boat by pushing against the cave walls with an oar, and often shouted at the passengers (in Greek) to duck their heads forward and not to lean to the left or right.
At the end of the boat ride was a 200-meter walk to get to the exit.  Some people were sorry that the pilot only spoke in Greek, but Amalia understood him when he said that the prehistoric lakes held eels and spiders, but no fish.
Moving onward  to the Anniska Apartments in Kardamili, Amalia was delighted to be reunited with her Papou Nick, whom she hadn't seen since the beginning of her odyssey.  Everyone had a delicious lunch overlooking the sea after Amalia carefully inspected the fish they were about to eat.

Back in the hotel there was swimming in the pool and swinging the the porch swing on their large balcony while the sun set.  And in the reception area Amalia got to know a friendly kitten who lived nearby.
Despite the way this looks, Yiayia Joanie was not planning to kidnap the kitten and carry it on to the next stop in the odyssey--the  luxurious Costa Navarino in Messinia.

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