Thursday, May 30, 2013

Free Father's Day Cards

Posted this last year--now I'm posting it again.  Love those Victorian photos!

Some time ago I designed a few Father's Day cards using antique photos from my collection.
Here are three of them.

Just in case you haven't gotten around to buying Dad a card  -- Father's Day is Sunday, June 16 this year--feel free to assemble your own card by printing one of these, pasting it on a blank piece of folded paper, and writing a sentiment and your name inside, with lots of "X"s and "O"'s.

Free Father's Day Card.

Take that Hallmark!

 (Inside: "You rock!  Happy Father's Day!")

(Inside:  "That's my excuse.  What's yours?  Happy Father's Day.)

(Inside: "Happy Father's Day from your dog.")

1 comment:

Pamela Moore said...

"Father- someone you will look up to no matter how tall you are". Thanks for sharing these wonderful cards for dad's day. My warmest and heartiest fathers day greetings to all wonderful dads around the world!

Cheers xxxx