Monday, October 26, 2015

People Peering at Picasso

 "Bull's Head"
On October 16, with my sister-in-law Robin, I went to see the Museum of Modern Art's exhibit of Picasso's Sculpture (which is there until February 7, 2016.) 

The thing I like about Picasso is that he viewed the world around him with the mischievous, magical, and humorous eyes of a child.  I remember a delightful series of photographs of Picasso picking up a fish skeleton from his plate and playing with it, enjoying the sculptural qualities of the remains of his lunch.

"Woman in the Garden"

I'd never paid much attention to Picasso's sculpture before, but spending a couple of hours at this show is certain to make you smile and to view the objects you find in the trash in a new light.  The head of a bull at top is a piece Picasso crafted out of a bicycle seat and handlebars.  Wonder how much more that sculpture is worth now than the bicycle it came from?

 "Head of a Woman"
Picasso was forever stealing things from the trash or from the house to use in his sculpture--spoons, forks, tree branches, a watering can, stones and bones, a burner from a stove,  newspapers, gloves, tin plates, even absinthe spoons.  Up till the MOMA show I had never seen an absinthe spoon!

 "Head of a Woman"
I took lots of photos (no flash allowed) and when I looked at them later, I realized that my favorites were the ones that showed people in the crowd reacting to the sculpture.  Everyone was taking Picasso's humorous creations very seriously.  Whenever I go to an exhibition I usually spend as much time watching  the reactions of the viewers as I do looking at the art. 

 "Head of a Warrior"

This woman is scratching her head over "Goat Skull and Bottle".

 This lady with the red purse is intently studying "Woman with a Baby Carriage"

 and "She-Goat"

Vase, Bull, Owl and Owl and nice reflections

And a cluster of skinny women.

Go see it if you're in New York before Feb. 7!

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