Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Traveling in Greece with Babies and Grandparents

Eleni N Gage breastfeeding her newborn in Greece

When I planned a family trip to Greece for June, the last month of my maternity leave, I thought it was a stroke of Mommy Genius. I envisioned my parents babysitting our almost-four-year-old daughter and our just-two-month-old son while my husband, Emilio, and I enjoyed long dinners at outdoor cafés on the romantic cobblestoned streets of Corfu Town.

People told me I was crazy to travel with an infant, but I missed my cousins in Greece and wanted to visit while I was still on leave, so I wouldn’t use up my precious vacation time. With my parents along for the ride, I’d have plenty of help. And this wasn’t my first rodeo; I knew what I was doing. I got the baby’s two-month vaccines and made sure his passport arrived in time for the flights we’d purchased; with all that done, I figured I was in the running for Mother of the Year.

It wasn’t until we arrived on Corfu that I realized I had left the essential funnel/cone components of my electric breast pump at home in New York...

Eleni N. Gage is an avid travel writer and author of Ladies of Managua. Find out more about her global family travel adventures and beyond on her website.


CrookedFlight said...

Hi Joan -

Could you please modify this post? This content is copyrighted and cannot be reprinted in whole on your blog. You're welcome to keep a paragraph and the link if you wish, but not the entire post. Please let me know when this is remedied. Thanks!

-Eileen, owner of Pure Wander

by Joan Gage said...

Will do, Eileen! Sorry about that!


CrookedFlight said...

No worries Joan - also didn't realize you were Eleni's mother, apologizes! Look forward to seeing more of your writings as well!

Eva said...

I'm going just for the that looks like fun!

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