Monday, March 16, 2015

And How Will YOU Celebrate Your 100th Birthday?

It's been a long time since we've posted about a crone of the week, but I couldn't resist this one!  On Saturday Georgina Harwood of South Africa celebrated her first century of life by a parachute jump out of an airplane along with 15 members of her family who jumped with her.  But Georgina isn't quitting there.  Today (Monday) she's following up by deep sea diving in a shark cage-- to feed the sharks birthday cake?

Here's how CBS reported it: 

Ms. Harwood said Saturday was her third skydive.  The first one was in 2007, when she was 92.

In the photo above, she is celebrating her jump with a glass of wine.  For my 100th, in 26 years, I may skip the parachute jump and the shark cage but will definitely join in the wine-drinking.

In Greek, when you wish somebody "Happy Birthday" you automatically add, "May you reach 100."  We'll have to think of a new wish for Georgina.