Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Original Art for $20!

ArtsWorcester has a clever idea for raising funds.  They asked their members to donate original works of art in any medium that are precisely 8 inches by 8 inches square—to be sold for $20 each on Friday, Oct. 12.  And when the art works were dropped off a few weeks ago, we artists were treated to free drinks and food and the chance to mingle.

Now the catalogue of 200 8-inch-square art works is available on line. They are divided into six different colored “lines”. I gather that’s how they will be hung at the exhibit, which is called, appropriately “Art on the Line”.  It’s on Friday, October 12, at ArtsWorcester’s Gallery at 660 Main Street in Worcester, MA.

People who want to pay $35 for the privilege of getting in to buy first (and a glass of free wine) will be welcomed from 6 to 7 p.m.  After that, from 7 to 9, it costs $5 to get in.

An original art work for $20 is a really good deal. And twelve of the area’s leading artists have been asked to create larger works, 12 inches square, which will be sold for $100 each—also a good deal.

ArtsWorcester received a lot more donations than they expected—I think because it’s fun (and not too time-consuming) to work on such small pieces.

Here are the three I brought in – two watercolors of bugs (which is strange, since I’m terrified of beetles and cockroaches and such) and a photograph I took of  the famous Worcester State Hospital Clock Tower, which has been condemned and is being torn down, but will be replicated as a monument, thanks to Preservation Worcester’s efforts.  Built in 1875, it was the nation’s first hospital for the criminally insane. (I’ve been told it’s also the most haunted building in Worcester--but I can't personally vouch for that.)

Butterfly & Beetle are #99 on the Orange line

Ladybug & Dragonfly are #98 on the Green Line

The Clock Tower is #97 on the Brown Line

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